Doron Sheffer in the Media

An Interview with Doron & Ray Allen
Following Allen’s induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame

ראיון עם ריי אלן בערוץ הספורט

בספטמבר נכנס שחקן הכדורסל ריי אלן להיכל התהילה בארצות הברית. לרגל הבחירה קיים ערוץ הספורט ראיון עם ידידי משכבר הימים והעלה אותי לשידור. אני מאד נהנתי מהראיון ומקווה שגם אתם תהנו…שבת שלום

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Doron Sheffer Featured in the i24 News Show

‘Holy Land Uncovered’

Scoring for God: The Spiritual Journey of Former Basketball Star Doron Sheffer

Basketball star Doron Sheffer, who retired from basketball in 2008, sports a trim beard and kippa today. Grasping a basketball in his enormous hands, Doron Sheffer looks slim and nimble enough to hit the court again as he greets a visitor to his home on Moshav Amirim.

An article in Jewish Action, Fall 2013. Click to read

Where are They Now: Former UConn star Doron Sheffer

It was 20 years ago that they were the starting backcourt in a three-guard lineup, pillars in triplicate of UConn’s transformation into a college basketball powerhouse. Ray Allen was the silky two guard, equally capable of attacking the rim and unfurling what would become perhaps the truest jumper in all of basketball.

An article in Sports Illustrated, July 2nd, 2014. Click to read

Doron Sheffer – A Life Story