About Doron Sheffer

I was born in 1972, married to Taliah, father of five and living with my family in Moshav Amirim in the Galilee, Israel.

Since 1988, basketball has been an inseparable part of my life. During my professional basketball years, I was a prominent player and reached exceptional achievements with various teams: The University of Connecticut, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Hapoel Yerushalaim, Hapoel Galil Elyon and the Israeli National team.

In 2002, following my diagnosis with cancer, I thoroughly changed my way of life on many levels.

Today, I give talks and workshops that appeal to a wide range of audiences of all ages, in which I tell my life story.

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In his personal talks Doron shares his life story and touches on issues of body-mind wellbeing, ethics, facing crises, taking responsibility and creating change. Doron demonstrates the connection between body and mind, basketball and the world of the Torah.
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In a special and unique workshop, which includes a basketball game, Doron will share the story of his career and teach the fundamentals of the game while touching on issues such as coping with crises, taking responsibility and determination and perseverance.
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One on One

In his one on one sessions Doron provides insights, guidance and tools for a healthier, happier, more balanced life. Doron uses basketball as an allegory for the game of life and utilizes it as an educational and therapeutic tool.
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Anani – An Autobiography

“Nothing in my tumultuous life prepared me for this special moment – a moment of silence and pure clarity, a moment steeped with wonder, “where will my help come from?” Where will the first sentence in my first book come from?”

This is how Doron Sheffer begins his life story, a personal and painfully honest story filled with ups and downs. Doron’s talent made him a gifted basketball player and raised him to the heights of fame and success. 

The Game of Life – Doron Sheffer

In his second book, The Game of Life, Doron Sheffer demonstrates the connection between body and mind; the physical and spiritual worlds; the basketball game and the world of the Torah; and past, present and future. On one court biblical Moses, Joseph the righteous and King David play with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

In his own unique manner, Doron uses the basketball game as an allegory for life and utilizes it as an educational and therapeutic tool that can help us win a much greater, more significant game than the one played on the basketball courts – a game he refers to as The Game of Life.